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Customer reviews

It's made from sheet metal, which by the way they should warn you it has sharp edges. But it's cool, nice reflective coating that's looks like it will last, nice bearings for set up, cool propellers, didn't realize why shipping cost was added, till I realized it's from Germany, which is cool, set-up is tricky, as the ``thread bearing blot`` does not just go right through, and I wish the rod it stands on was stronger, but I got two side by side and am now the envy of the neighborhood. They are very very cool looking and I smile when I see them flying side by side. Looks like two fighters going at it. Beats cheap plastic any day.

I love this German Focke-Wulf FW 190 Airplane. This company has the very best wind wheel I have ever seen. I love the way the plane hovers in the wind just like the real ones.
I found a good and cheap way of getting these planes higher off the ground and at different levels of flight. Buy some rebar and cut stakes the length u want. Drive them into ground and attach the plane pole using 2 water hose clamps.
I have all 5 planes this company offers at Amazon. I wish they offered the Japanese Zero, the Hawker Hurricane, the British Spitfire, and the USA Corsair. I would then be in Heaven!

I enjoy seeing movement in my garden. A P-51 isn't for everyone, but if you are an aviation enthusiast, this version spins its propeller and on its base at the slightest hint of a breeze due to the quality bearings and quality of manufacture.

Great looking finish, easy to assemble. Did have issue with a missing part that was corrected by seller. The only thing that was needed, I wish it came with longer pole/rod. The pole/rod that came with the spinner was a little short for my garden.

So close to the sky – fancy garden decoration for airplane lovers

Since time immemorial, mankind has a fascination for flying. Even in Greek mythology, Icarus tried to climb high into the sky with his self-made wings and even today the desire for weightlessness remains unclouded. With the Germany-made garden decoration by maxFlite, you get a little closer to your dream of flying. Discover different aircraft-shaped wind spinners and design your garden or balcony in the spirit of aviation.

What could be better than sitting in the own garden or on the cozy balcony in the warm season and enjoying the fantastic weather? At least as much fun makes it to design the summer home with garden decoration to your own taste. For all lovers of aviation there is now a very special novelty: garden decoration in airplane style. This creation comes from the founders of maxFlite and their passion for aviation, especially for airplanes. In various designs, they bring now also other aviation enthusiasts this pleasure in the garden.

Unique garden decoration made in Germany

Anyone who enjoys classic garden décor, such as a wind chime, but places value on something special, will be exactly right with these wind turbines. From the idea through the design to the production, this garden decoration is 100 percent “Made in Germany” and will give its owner a lot of pleasure thanks to high-quality materials. In addition to the respective wind turbine, the scope of supply also includes the appropriate illustrated construction manual with which you can mount the wind turbine in five minutes. To set up, simply insert the GardenFighter into the ground with the enclosed aluminum rod or attach it to your balcony railing. You can give free rein to your creativity and (decoration) desire.

From classic aircrafts to modern aerobatics – here you can buy your new model airplane in many variations

For a long time model airplanes are no longer exclusively for children; at least as many adults are lovers and collectors of the faithful miniature editions. No matter if the dream plane is a vintage aircraft or an aerobatic plane, many models are represented in the wide selection of maxFlite. So if you want to buy a model airplane, you are spoiled for choice here. As a garden decoration we have windmill fighter planes such as the “Spitfire”, the American “P-51 D Mustang” or the German fighter “Messerschmitt 109”. If you prefer classic aircrafts, you have the choice between a “P-40 Kittyhawk” or a “North American AT-6″ from 1939. Likewise, friends of the modern age will not be disappointed: the most successful aerobatics aircraft of the last ten years, the ” Extra 330 SC “, is also represented in the repertoire of the windmill manufactory.

Decorate your garden with an extraordinary wind chime

Even on the most beautiful summer day follows sooner or later a heavy storm. You do not have to worry about wind and weather when it comes to your new garden wind chime, because all GardenFighters are made from durable stainless steel and aluminum. Each piece is handmade in Germany and thoroughly tested. But to ensure that the wind turbine is not only made to turn on stormy days, the built-in ball bearings ensure smooth rotation, even in light breezes. Another special feature are the colored surface foils. With great attention to detail, the original paint was modeled on each aircraft type. Of course, the crew of each machine is not too short and underlines the authenticity of the GardenFighter. Now, browse through our website and learn more about maxFlite and the idea of creating an airplane wind chime. Or discover our range and get to know the “Pilatus PC-7” one of our bestsellers made of stainless steel for the decoration of your garden.

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