North American P-51 D Mustang



The North American AT-6 is a well-known military training airplane which success story started in 1939. At the AT-6 Texan is offered as a wind wheel for airplane enthusiasts. Once set up in your garden or balcony, air superiority is guaranteed. offers the AT-6 as a wind spinner in aircraft form made of stainless steel for use on your balcony or for low-altitude flight in your garden. Equipped with two ball bearings, it accelerates even in weak winds. The original details are realized with weatherproof stickers from the automotive area on the top. Every detail of the original can be found here. The exact maxFlite type is a “T-6 G Texan” in the yellow paint of the US Air Force. The serial number is 42-85886. The original machine is still registered and airworthy in France today. According to the original, an attractive “nose art” lady is shown on the front of the bonnet with the title “Ready for duty”. The yellow AT-6 from maxFlite as a “garden fighter” can certainly make a valuable contribution as a scarecrow in addition to decorative tasks. Decorate your garden with this wind chime for fans of aviation legends. With the yellow color, the AT-6 can possibly be set up to match the flowers.

Structure is made from stainless steel. All details of the original plane are realized by weather resistant stickers (left/right on fuselage, top of wings). Assembly is done in 5 min along the instruction manual. Pole made from aluminum with a height of 75 cm is included. Thanks to ball bearings propeller turns smooth. Beside the AT-6 is offering the Mustang P-51, P-40 Kittyhawk and the more modern Pilatus PC-7 as so called “GardenFighters”. Find more such products also on

[wingspan: 40 cm; length: 40 cm; mass: 500 g approx.]

Facts & Figures

  • Few more information on the name: At first the type was „T-6“.  „T“ stands for „Trainer“. Later US Navy adapted it to „AT-6“ which stands for „Advanced Trainer“. In the British Commonwealth the T-6 is also called T-6 „Harvard“.
  • Approx. 15.495 planes of this type were built. In 1957 also the German Army procured the AT-6 as training plane for their pilots after the war.
  • In many blockbusters the T-6 plays a major role, e.g. „Tora! Tora! Tora!“ or „Das Boot“ or „a bridge too far“. In the movie “the last countdown“ the T-6 represent the famous Japanese Zero fighters.
  • At the famous Air Races in Reno the AT-6 planes do have an own class.
  • Standard engine for the AT-6 was the 9-Cylinder-Radial engine Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340 (600 PS).

Bar: aluminium, Stainless steel

Model length

40 cm

Model wingspan

40 cm

Model weight

500 g


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