The three-engine Junkers Ju 52 with its corrugated aluminium sheet is surely the most famous passenger plane in the world. She is affectionately called ‘Auntie Ju’ or ‘Iron Annie’ by everyone. When you hear the sonorous hum of her 3 radial engines, you immediately recognize the distinctive silhouette of this aviation legend. The 3 propellers are also the distinctive distinguishing feature of the maxFlite wind spinner aircraft for decorating your garden.

Already in the 1930s, it formed the reliable backbone of numerous air routes, especially Lufthansa. Hugo Junkers, who himself did not experience the great success of the Ju 52, had done pioneering work in all-metal aircraft construction. The pilots of the Ju 52 raved about their extremely good-natured flight characteristics and their incredibly robust construction. It was the epitome of safety, quality and reliability. More than 5000 machines in various variants were manufactured. Today, unfortunately, only a handful of machines are still in airworthy condition.

Junkers Ju 52