Propeller Ø155 mm incl. ball-bearing



The nicely shaped propeller of the Gardenfighter series (e.g. P-51 D Mustang, P-40 Kittyhawk, Me 109, PC-7, …) can be ordered as a single part including ball-bearing.
In our experience the propeller never got damaged during its nominal application as a wind wheel. But the neighbor kids managed already several times in a magic way to make a propeller exchange an inevitable necessity.
Other customers simply want to build their own creative wind wheel and purchase a ready-to-use maxFlite propeller.
The 8-bladed propeller is made from stainless steel. The blades are prepared with the needed angle already. The inserted ball-bearing provides a smooth concentric run-out already at a breeze.
Exchange of the propeller at the wind wheel is easy. Just open the M6 cap nut and remove the previously mounted propeller. Slide on the new propeller and put back the cap nut. MaxFlite hint: Use a drop of glue to secure the nut against loosening. Test the propeller by blowing from the front side. Now all obstacles are removed for a new mission of the Gardenfighter.

Included in delivery: Ready-to-use propeller including ball-bearing


Stainless steel

Model weight


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