The maxFlite windmill airplanes as a garden decoration

Spring is in full swing, time to get the garden back on track. The neighbor is a step ahead, arranges his garden, digs, replants. The beautiful weather also gives you no excuse not to do gardening. So let’s go – freshly tackled. Soon you will be back in rhythm and the work is going well and the scars of the cold season have been eradicated. Soon it will green and bloom everywhere and yet something is missing. A highlight for your garden, some action – but not loud, some movement – but not hectic, a contrast – but no break. Here is a valuable wind chime, well positioned in the garden, the ideal answer. Set up in the green, driven by the power of nature, optically and functionally cleverly implemented, it is an absolute eye-catcher. offers legendary airplanes whose propellers serve as wind spinners. In the lightest breeze, the plane turns into the wind thanks to ball bearings and the propeller begins to turn. Now it looks as if the plane is performing wild flight maneuvers in your garden with its powerful motor – but this is wind-driven in complete silence.

The wind turbine aircraft are assembled within 10 minutes. Illustrated instructions are included. Everything you need to build the models out of shiny stainless steel is in the package. Pliers and a screwdriver are sufficient as tools. The wind wheels are set up on an aluminum rod, which is of course included in the scope of delivery. What is special is that every wind wheel corresponds to a concrete original. The respective features are scaled down on the metal surfaces by means of a printing film. The history of each aircraft can be read on the information pages of the online shop. On a balcony, such a windmill for decoration may be much more appropriate because balconies often seem bleak. For viewers from outside and, of course, from inside, a rotating wind chime always attracts attention. If it is even an astonishingly real-looking aircraft, it will definitely put a smile on the face of the beholder. Decorate your garden or balcony with a wind toy airplane from Of course, it is also the ideal gift for aviation and garden lovers alike.

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