GardenPropeller – the world as a wind spinner for garden decoration

Vielfältige Windrad Gartendeko

GardenPropeller is the name of the new series of stainless steel wind wheels from with a variety of motifs for decorating your garden or balcony. Whether vehicles such as the bright red Magirus-Deutz fire engine, the Porsche vintage tractor or brand new animal motifs such as a cheeky squirrel, a funny cat or colorful birds, there are no limits to the imagination on the wind turbine.Everyone is happy when the force of nature drives the propellers and the wind spinners start turning in the wind.

maxFlite first started with airplanes where it is reasonable to use the propeller as a wind turbine. This is how the numerous aircraft of the GardenFighter product group were created, which quickly delighted customers around the world. The range of aircraft has been and is continuously expanded since then.

It continued with the racing cars of the GardenRacer series. Three vintage racing legends with wind-powered wheels were created.

Now we are opening the world for decorative wind spinners with the introduction of the GardenPropeller.

The robust, proven main components of the wind chimes have been retained and improved:

  • All parts (sheets, screws, etc.) made of corrosion-resistant, robust stainless steel.
  • Ball-bearing propeller and another ball bearing on the vertical axis of rotation.
  • Aluminum support pole is included in the package.
  • Foiling with high-resolution color printing of the various motifs.
  •  Illustrated assembly instructions for assembly within minutes are included.

With this recipe for success, manufactures all of its wind turbines by hand in Germany. We value the close contact with customers to ensure their satisfaction. You are guaranteed fast service in German and English, preferably by email.

With the introduction of the GardenPropeller series, we can offer customers an expansion of the range. The first 6 GardenPropellers are detailed motifs from:

1. Fire engine

2. Tractor

3. Cat

4. Squirrel

5. Kingfisher

6. Owl

Most of the motifs are based on photos and therefore look very lifelike. From now on, the customer’s interest essentially determines how things will proceed. Whether you want more vehicles, motorbikes, more animals or both or e.g. butterflies, lettering or ships.Christmas motifs, city skylines or flags. Almost anything is conceivable as a garden propeller from maxFlite.

If you would also enjoy a cheerful wind turbine in your garden or balcony – take a look at We already have over 15 different types of windmills in our range from our own production, from the cute little owl to the mighty Junkers Ju 52 with three propellers.

The quality of the maxFlite wind wheels manufactured in Germany is very high and valuable, but the prices are moderate. Compare yourself on the Internet.

A wind spinner brings a ‘breath of fresh air’ and subtle movement into your garden without hectic or noise, it loosens everything up and fits ideally under trees, in front of bushes and between your flowers.

Without electricity, it turns with a light breeze and always puts a smile on your face when you see it – we promise!

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