The new Ju 52 as a wind turbine aircraft for your garden


Why decided to produce the Junker Ju 52 as a wind spinner for the garden is obvious. It is not for nothing that the good old plane is popularly called “Auntie Ju” or “Iron Annie”. Certainly everyone has a personal memory when they think of the Ju 52. Be it that it has flown passenger flights on an airshow in recent years, be it flying over your own city with the special sound of your 3 radial engines or from the museum. Perhaps there are still few contemporary witnesses who associate experiences in World War II. With its 3 motors and the well-known corrugated iron sheet, it has a distinctive shape in any case.

In the early 1930s, it quickly gained a good reputation as a reliable passenger aircraft, but also over time as an indestructible workhorse in war or long afterwards as a robust aircraft in remote locations with only bad runways. There are reports of use as a mail plane, missions in inhospitable regions such as New Guinea often with floats instead of wheels for flexible use on waterways in really every corner of the world. Well cared for, on the other hand, the Ju 52 can look very classy and elegant, maybe a little aristocratic as “Queen of the skies”. In the maxFlite delivery program of the wind chimes, the ‘Auntie Ju’ is the absolute flagship of the diverse range of garden decorations. This is mainly due to its impressive 1 m wingspan, but also the complex implementation of the many details. For the first time, the underside of a maxFlite garden windmill is also provided with stickers to show the original surface details there too. In addition to the propeller at the tip of the fuselage, the Ju naturally has the 2 motor pods on the large wings. In addition, a main landing gear with rotating wheels and the horizontal stabilizer strut are lovingly reproduced. The wind wheel model as a piece of jewelry for your garden weighs more than 3 kg. Therefore, good ground anchoring for soil and a stable stainless steel pipe is included. A total of 4 ball bearings are used for this exclusive garden decoration. Each propeller has ball bearings and of course the horizontal support that allows the Ju 52 to turn in the wind.

The concrete model of the garden plane is the brilliantly restored Junkers Ju 52 from German Lufthansa, which was reintroduced into the fleet in 1986 with the painting “D-AQUI”.

The maxFlite Ju 52 majestically pulls its tracks as a wind spinner in your garden on top of its stainless steel support rod, rotated by ball-bearings. The durable print on the surface foils is very realistic, with three-dimensional effects. The views of the Junkers were of course created especially for by a professional aircraft illustrator. Passengers and pilots also sit behind the cabin windows of the wind turbine aircraft. Convince yourself, for example, in the maxFlite video about the qualities of the Junkers as a garden wind turbine. In some cases, engine noises were put under the image recordings of the video, so that the heart of aviation enthusiasts beats faster when viewed. The creators of maxFlite also conjure up a wide smile on their faces every time they look at the Junkers with their 3 stainless steel propellers. That was the real goal. The emotions that the old, venerable ‘Auntie Ju’ creates in the viewer can also be created by the Junkers wind chime in your beautiful garden. And regardless of whether the weather is nice and sunny or it is raining heavily. As long as there is a breeze blowing the 3 propellers on the windmill and the Junkers seems to be flying in your garden. If it is completely windless, then the old lady literally runs out of air as a wind wheel. These breaks are to be forgiven, after 80 years of reliable service. Then, instead of the rotating trio of reflecting propellers, the eye of the beholder has to graze on the special shape and attention to detail of the robust wind spinner aircraft. That will also make you smile. stands for special wind wheel products that you can order directly from our manufactory. The Ju 52 is the most elaborate wind chime in our program and our masterpiece. Do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions. Preferably by email. We live from customers and live customer service. Convince yourself of this and become a customer by purchasing one of our wind spinner. Maybe you can treat yourself and your garden to the good old ‘Aunt Ju’. Of course, a windmill from is always a very good gift for good friends.

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