A novelty from maxFlite – Legendary racing cars as wind spinners


Car racing with classic speedsters in your own garden? But how is that supposed to work with the available space, the noise-sensitive neighbors and also the investment costs? With the environmental regulations and the current fuel prices? The answer is amazingly simple: with maxFlite’s favorite racing cars as wind spinner car!

Admittedly, a few wind wheel cars that are set up do not quite offer the thrill of broadcasting a car race with a corresponding noise level. Nevertheless, a corresponding arrangement of the maxFlite wind turbine racing cars can convey emotions and the flair of true racing legends. The starting point for the small but fine windmill manufacturer maxFlite.de in Bremen (Germany) was to extend the range, which so far consisted of classic aircraft as wind turbines for garden decoration, with wind spinner cars. Airplanes have a propeller which is of course an excellent decorative wind wheel. But the word wind wheel itself actually contains more of a car than an airplane, namely the wheel. How such a car wheel can be driven by the wind was quickly solved by maxFlite. Of course, maxFlite donated its own ball bearing to each wheel. Above all, this ensures that even with the smallest breeze such a racing car appears to start. The vehicle fuselage serves as a wind vane around which the wind turbine car changes its direction of travel depending on the wind through another horizontal ball bearing. With the right wind, this results in a neat windmill racing car that, like the original, makes several rapid turns in rapid succession and the rims only flash as speed increases.

The selection of specific vehicle types that maxFlite then produces as a wind turbine is of course difficult in view of the large number of real legends on the racetrack. There are also countless heroes on the steering wheel on drivers. Well, the start has to be made somewhere. Over time, one can anyway expand the range of wind turbine cars.

Therefore, it was decided to initially offer 3 cars as a wind chime:

  1. The Mercedes-Benz W25 from 1936, the first ‘silver arrow’ with the unforgettable Rudolf Caracciola at the wheel.
  2. The bright red Ferrari 156 with the nickname “shark nose” because of the striking air intakes. In the Formula 1 season of 1961 Phil Hill became world champion, the unforgettable Count Berghe von Trips died in it and became posthumously vice world champion.
  3. Everyone knows it, the green and yellow Lotus 25, a milestone in racing history. From maxFlite in the version from 1963 when factory driver Jim Clark superior won the world championship.

Of course, fans of classic racing vehicles will get their hearts racing with this selection.

The implementation of maxFlite as noble wind turbine bodies naturally leaves nothing to be desired. The main material of the tasteful garden decoration is of course again the stainless steel. Combined with a high-quality, UV-resistant film on which all details of the original vehicles are printed, this results in a robust combination of a long service life paired with a love of detail that even a connoisseur’s eye can enjoy for a long time on closer inspection. The true-to-scale wheel diameter could not be fully realized so that the wind also had enough contact surface for a good draft at the start signal. With the Lotus and Ferrari in particular, great attention was paid to the good replica of the striking exhaust tailpipes. These can each be mounted on the wind chime as a shiny part made of stainless steel sheet. All in all, this results in a high-quality and functional accessory for tastefully decorating your garden. Since static photos cannot fully convey the enthusiasm that the wind spinner racing cars emit, maxFlite will of course create a corresponding video for each cart. The video of the Mercedes Silver Arrow is already available and shows the wind turbine car in full action in the garden. Lotus and Ferrari will be available as garden wind chimes from July 2020. Of course, it is foreseeable that a real racing atmosphere will only be created, once the racing cars are arranged as a group of wind turbine vehicles. After all, a Formula 1 race with just one car would be a bit bland.

Finally, maxFlite hopes that there will also be a large fan base for the valuable wind turbine cars, that will enjoy having a very special car race on the terraces, the balconies or your gardens. Purely wind-driven and ecologically sound, but with the familiar appearance of the legendary, powerful and shapely racing cars, with the heroes of the past decades on the steering wheel.

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